The Exhibition

Hi everyone,   As you may have known we had an Exhibition on at school. My group ended up doing Inner Peace, we researched our 3 lines of inquiry, our Form and Function and differnt things that we could showcase all the new things we had learnt.   For the ending product we had 4 … [Read more…]

Year 7 orientation

Hi everyone,   On Monday the 9th of October year 6 had an orientation for year 7. We got to do some subject tasters, testing, met new people and had some talks. I already had some friends coming that I knew but I still met some others.   Some activities that we did in our … [Read more…]

Chinese Cinderella

Hi everyone, In novel studies this term we have been reading Chinese Cinderella. It is about an unwanted Chinese girl and her struggle to prove her worth. The book had many aspects of Chinese culture. We researched Calligraphy and Foot Binding. We found some really interesting information we’d like to share.   Calligraphy is an … [Read more…]

School work I have enjoyed this term

Hi Guys, Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I would like to tell you about something I have really enjoyed this term. That is GROK, GROK is a coding site. I have really enjoyed GROK because it has taught me to code (even though I’m not very good at it) and it is super fun … [Read more…]

Passion project ending

Hi Everyone,   As you might know we have finished and displayed our passion projects. I enjoyed learning new skills about the experience best, they helped me to learn leadership skills and helped me understand how teachers sometimes feel. I learnt how to teach people, that was a bit of a challenge because I had … [Read more…]

Passion project (Week 7) :2

Hey guys, I love that I have completed my passion project without many problems. Thank you everyone for commenting. I would love to continue to learn and teach new skills even though my passion project is over. Stay updated   Natalya

Passion Project (Week 6)

Hey Guys As you may know I was going to teach my brothers a trick each but it turned out that they didn’t want to learn so I couldn’t teach them. I’m so sorry. Natalya

Passion Project (Week 6)

Hey Guys, So If you have any comments that you want me to write about make sure you tell me in the comment section. I have been asked from you guys if it was scary jumping to the high bar from the low bar. Yes it was terrifying but I did it and it was … [Read more…]

Passion Project (Week 6)

Hi guys, This week I learnt a skill (finally). I learnt how to jump to the high bar from the low bar in gymnastics this morning. I haven’t got a video but I did learn how to for my gym coach. I was so happy to finally learn a skill.   Stay updated   Natalya